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The DARE study survey has closed and we thank you for your interest and your support. Please check this website in the future for updates regarding the study.


The DARE study is being conducted by a multi-disciplinary team of LGBTQ+ researchers who are all subject experts on different aspects of sexual and gender minority (SGM) health and healthcare access. We study some of the most pressing issues affecting SGM populations such as mental health, sexual health, poverty and social stigma, and gender-related medical care.

The DARE study’s primary objectives are to explore different pathways leading to detransition (stopping and/or reversing a gender transition), and to understand the care needs of people with these life experiences.

To be eligible to take this survey you must: be aged 16 or older, living in Canada or the US, have stopped or reversed some aspect of your gender transition (social, legal, and/or medical), and be comfortable answering the survey in English, French, or Spanish.

This is an anonymous survey. You will be asked questions designed to understand your social and/or medical transition. If applicable, you will also be asked about your experiences of gender-related medical care. The survey will also include the collection of demographic information such as your age, race/ethnicity, religion, and sexuality, and it will ask questions about your life experiences prior to transition, and questions related to stopping your transition or detransitioning. At the end of the survey you will have the option of submitting your email to be contacted for future studies; this is not required and is entirely optional. Survey respondents will be entered into a draw for a chance to win a $50.00 gift card.

A select number of people (40-60) who complete the survey will be invited to a follow-up interview conducted over Zoom. The interview will provide an opportunity to expand on what you shared in the survey, and to provide more direct recommendations for developing better support and care services. Interview participants will receive a $30.00 gift card for their time and input.

Please remember that you may skip questions you are uncomfortable answering. You may also save your responses and return later to complete the survey (please note that you must complete the survey within one week of starting it). At anytime if you wish to end the survey, please click the “End Survey Session”.


The full research team includes:  Kinnon MacKinnon, Annie Pullen Sansfacon, Hannah Kia, Travis Salway, June Lam, and PhD students Wren Gould, Gin Marshall, and Naail Khan. The DARE study team thanks you for your interest in taking our study!

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